Why to invest in Blue World City

Why to invest in Blue World City

Why to invest in Blue World City

Blue World City Housing Society Islamabad is a new housing project located at Chakri Road Rawalpindi near Rawalpindi Ring Road. The effort is sponsored by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) in collaboration with the Shan jian Municipal Engineering Organization, China. Blue World City has received pre-development approval from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) while the full legal approval of the NOC is still pending.

It is being officially opened for bookings, and various types of residential plots, commercial plots and farmhouses are being rapidly provided on installation plans at affordable prices. Blue World City has also been named a Pak-China Friendly Project as it is the first private housing project to be launched with the support of a Chinese investment organization.

Blue World City Location

A Memorandum of Understanding has signed between BGC and Shanjian Municipal Engineering for the development of Blue World City. Blue World City located approximately 15 minutes from New Islamabad Airport and will connected to Rawalpindi and Motorway at Thalian Interchange.

bwc map

Reason to invest in Blue World City

This housing society is one of the best housing projects for investment purposes in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The following points will confirm this statement.

1. Affordable prices of plots

Despite the fact that Blue World City has all the basic features of living.  The cost and prices of the plots are very affordable and low compared to other nearby housing societies with similar amenities.

2. Economical installment plans

Blue World City Islamabad is owned by Saad Nazir. It is the first housing project of Blue Group of Companies.  However, they feel that it is very difficult for Pakistani citizens to arrange huge sums of money at one time, so they have made it Made easy. A convenient facility is provided. Affordable installment plans can help customers pay off their fees over a long period of 3.5 years.

3. Safe, Secure and Gated Community

One of the many services that people look for in a housing society is safety and security. This is the reason why gated communities have also gained a lot of popularity in the last decades. Hence, gated and attractive entrance building is considered as one of the fastest growing property estate trends in the country.

Blue World City also has an amazing entrance with a secure gate with 24/7 security cameras and a large number of security teams.

4. Medium and long-term returns

People looking for short-term investment deals usually acquire land fully developed and vibrant communities. But if a person wants to invest in the long term or medium term then Blue World City is a better option. As it is adding to the housing society and the prices may be higher in the future.

5. Investment opportunity for every budget

The budget is not an issue for investors in Blue World City Islamabad. This housing society offers investment opportunities in every budget range, low or high.

Interested clients can purchase properties of all sizes and ranges with services installed. You should keep in mind that the size, footage, features, and location of each plot area will affect the price.

6. An Exclusive Master plans

The master plan provided by the developers of Blue World City Islamabad is uniquely designed to provide a clear picture of the community and how it is built. They develop a spontaneous view of society and also discuss the inherent characteristics of society in the master plan.

All the sectors and plots have planned in an orderly and efficient manner. So that they are all connected to the main road in one way or another.

Blue World City Master Plan includes many types of plots like residential plots, commercial plots, business centers, farmhouses, luxury, and public villas, and many choices for potential customers for investment and residential purposes.

7. An International Recognition

Blue World City is one of the oldest commercial-type housing societies. This unique quality of housing society attracts many international business dealers and it also attracts national business dealers. All these organizations want to invest in Blue World City Housing Society like Lahore Smart City.

Blue World City Islamabad is of great importance to Islamabad Housing Society. It represents the appreciation and gratitude of the people of Pakistan and people living abroad but holding Pakistani citizenship.


In conclusion, After looking at these important facts, we can come to the conclusion that Blue World City Islamabad is definitely among the few housing projects in the twin cities, which have the potential to transform into a high-end residential society. are

Basically, the location of Blue World City Islamabad Housing Society provides a useful advantage over other housing societies in the twin cities as it is the nearest housing society to Islamabad International Airport. This new ring road is located very close to Rawalpindi.

That society is something that people should consider before thinking of buying a home in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. In addition, Blue Group of Companies made a concerted effort to obtain NOCs and statutory approvals from the Rawalpindi Development Authorities.

All these indicate that if you invest in this housing society, your investment is in safe and secure hands

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